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Pinot Noir - We love it.

Here at Howells there is a reason that it takes up so much space on our menu- its versatile, it pairs well with a ton of different foods, its nice in warm or cool weather and it is made in a wide variety of regions throughout the world

In a typical week at Howells we might taste over 30-40 different Pinots- we are constantly looking for that unicorn- a rare wine of excellent quality, good value, and scarcity.

With that in mind we are now offering the Howells Pinot Club!


What is it?

We are offering 4 outstanding discounted bottles of Pinot Noir every quarter for $150 before tax.


What is my obligation?

No obligation!

Members can

quit at anytime.


How do I sign up?

Just complete the form below and submit your info- you will get a confirmation once we have it!


What are the benefits?

In addition to the discounted bottles members also receive 20% off all purchases including wine and food at Howells!


Do you ship?

Yes we ship for an additional charge with UPS within the U.S. to states where permitted- please inquire if you aren't sure.


What if I want other varietals?

Currently its just Pinot Noir- although we haven't ruled out other clubs in the near future!

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