About Howells


The Founders

Howells is the project of Nate Welch and his wife Chandree Welch, who goes by Chan. Nate grew up in the midwest and was always fond of the neighborhood bar his grandparents owned in the small Midwestern town of Howells. Chan grew up in California in an artistic house filled with craft projects. Both have been in San Francisco more years than not Nate working in the wine and restaurant industries for the better part of the past two decades. Both of their experiences inspired them to create Howells. A new wine and beer bar on Chestnut Street.


Howells is not your typical wine bar.

Although there is much focus on wine, Howells is not your typical wine bar. The overall feeling and experience are what they have come to call California comfort with surprises. The environment will be lively, filled with energetic music, a right balance of beer and wine choices, a healthy selection of food, and all wrapped in handcrafted interior elements. It's worth a visit to just check out the hand-crafted bar that Chan's father spent lots of love and time to create.